Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Dark Tower

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I designed this site in order to highlight tattoos inspired by Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. During my first search for "Dark Tower Tattoo" back in October 2009, only a few were found in a Google search. Now, there are dozens of them, hundreds even. Some are originals, some adaptations of book/comic art, and some direct copies of said art. Regardless of the medium, Stephen King's epic work, coupled with culture acceptance of body art has really opened up the book on Dark Tower based art.

As with many, I not only found The Dark Tower to become a reading addiction, but also a body-art obsession. As of 09/10/12, a month shy of two years since the start, my Dark Tower full-sleeve art piece has been completed. It's was long journey and there was a lot to cover...literally! It's time for a little hiatus, but as all us Dark Tower fans know... you really can't stay away...

Have your own Dark Tower inspired tattoo? Email us at yourink@darktowertattoos.com We will create a new album for you and post your ink! All we need is your name, general geographic location, pics and artist name/parlor! - SteveK_BBH (Human Canvas)